Yakshagana at Honavar

We had been to Honavar this time for Dassera. I will very soon post about the special food my mother makes for this festival. The fun part was that it was raining all the time and so we did not venture out a lot. But we ate a lot of goodies and were content sleeping most of the time away … something you rarely get to do if you are going to office :) On the first day, at about 10 in the night… we heard a loud tabla sound accompanied with somebody’s song over the loudspeaker and guessed it to be Yakshagana . It was very exciting to see a Yakshagana after many years and that too with an umbrella in one hand.

This particular show portrayed ‘Meenakshi Kalyana’ and was performed by the Yakshagana team at Hegde, (Kumta), Uttar Kannada dist.